New Sticker and Etsy Shop.

New Deathbag sticker is now available at the new etsy shop. Also in the shop are custom hand drawn sketch covers, copies of the Creative Comics Lost City Explorers variant cover, and various hand painted vinyl figures.

8-24-20 Update

Hi everyone,

man oh man it’s been a long time. First off, thank you to everyone who backed and supported the Tales from the Cryptic Closet 2 Kickstarter. Because of all you amazing peeps we went behind our goal and are able to hook you guys up with some very cool stuff that is only available via the kickstarter.

What’s new? I once again collaborated with Freelance Wrestling star Purple Papi Matt Knicks on three new designs. “Matt Knicks and the Purple Jacket”, “Purple Papi”, and “Knicksfits” all of which are available at I have also teamed up with indie wrestling superstar Trevor Outlaw, check out his social media for a release date on that. Also my first AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is now available. The design features Matt Cardona (former Zack Ryder) and Cody. Below is the ad which if you click on takes you to and lets you purchase the tee.

Also, just started writing the next installment of The Misadventures of Deathbag.



5-1-20 update

Man oh man!!!! So much has been happening and I have been failing to keep you all updated. So let’s get started. More pro wrestling tees have been created with two designs for Jeff Cobb ( hulk homage cover and Cobberin time) and just in time for Bullet Club day a new Tama Tonga design. I am creating working on the illustrations for a Lucha chapter book with Lexographic press. Working on the second issue of Tales from the Cryptic Closet with some very talented people. Working on a new design for Hurricane Helms. But the most important thing is that I’m doing is raising money for Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids and Creative Comics (my local comic shop). How am I doing this? I’m doing sketch cover commissions for $40 with half going to Creative Comics and the other half going to Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids. To get on this please DM or email me. Thanks.

4-14 update

Hi all,

it’s a wild time, huh? As of right now the cons are in limbo, but that doesn’t mean I stop creating. I am almost done with the illustrations for the upcoming Lucha Libre inspired youth chapter book for Lexographic press, working on two stories for the upcoming Tales from the Cryptic Closet #2, and writing a new Deathbag book!!! That’s right a new book of DB is in the works. Along with that teamed up with wrestling superstars Big C Chris Castro and Jeff Cobb for two new designs for Pro Wrestling Tees and I have signed the contract with to be my official tee shop for all my non wrestling related designs. For the Panlayer and horror tees please click on them and they will direct you to the site to purchase them.


Hi all,

You did read the headline correctly. I will be teaming up with nerdcore rapper and mega wrestling fan Megaran. We have teamed up before on a Mega Powers piece, which featured him in mega man gear and Macho Man in megaman gear as well. This time the collaboration will be for the biggest week/weekend in wrestling. There will be more details as the time gets closer.


2-17-20 update

Hi all,

First off huge thank you to Brian and Kelly the showrunners of NWI Comic Con. This is always a great time and it kicks off the con season for me. Thank you to everyone who came out. Great seeing you all. Also, I hope you all enjoyed the special appearance by Deathbag myself. I have a feeling we might be seeing more of him.

In just a two weeks, I will be heading to C2E2. This will be a packed weekend. I will be at the Guerrilla Publishing Booth (138 in small press) and will be part of the Libraries  and FanFest panel on Friday 2-28-20 at 5:30pm.  I will be doing commissions, have my books, and original art prints at the booth.

Currently, I am working on THE LEGEND OF AGUILA AZUL for Lexographic press. This is a lucha themed novel set in the Pilsen area of Chicago. I will be doing the illustration breaks for the novel and is set for a fall 2020 release.

Always guys thank you so much for your support and I’ll see you guys all soon.



Hi all,

the first con of the year is just around the corner. This Saturday (2-15-20) to be exact. The Halls of St. George in Schererville,IN 10a-5pm.  I will be at the Guerrilla Publishing booth D01/D02 with copies of all my titles including the variant for AfterShock Comics’ Lost City Explorers #1 (soon to be a TV show with universal), original art prints  ($5 ea or 3 for $10), a bunch of $1 prints, stickers, pins, for the first time ever I will have my Marvel sketch artist proof cards featuring Daredevil Iron Man Winter Solider and Destroyer,  I will also be doing commissions (black and white headshot $25 full color headshot $35), also Deathbag will be live and in person 2p-4pm. There’s more for every purchase made you will get a limited edition The Walking Deathbag print featuring DB cosplaying as Negan from the Walking Dead. (while supplies last). Hope to see you all this Saturday!!!!