Commission List for NWI and C2E2 and more

Happy Friday everyone,

Con season is upon us. With that it is also commission season!!!! The list for both cons are open and you can get on that list by emailing me at Prices are as follows: black and white headshot $25  full color headshot $35.

Also, for the first time ever I will have my Marvel artist proof sketch cards available for purchase. There are only four cards available which features Winter Solider, Iron Man, Daredevil, and Destroyer. Cards will be $65 each. These cards will not be recreated/reproduced in any form.

Plus, I will be adding some more prints into the $1 bin for NWI comic con. So make sure to come out to both events stop by the Guerrilla Publishing booth (D01 and D02 at NWI Comic Con and 138 at C2E2).

1/21/20 update!!!!

Hi everybody!!!!

Man, oh man, is this year shaping up to be a great one. We are so close to the first con of the year NWI COMIC CON on Saturday Feb.15. I’ll be at the Guerrilla Publishing booth with my prints, books, and doing commissions. Speaking of commissions my NWI COMIC CON list is now open you can email me at to get on it!!! Speaking of NWI COMIC CON Guerrilla publishing has announced that my creation DEATHBAG will be doing a meet and greet at the booth from 2-4pm. That’s right the heavy metal listening, pizza loving, comic reading reaper will be live and in person at NWI COMIC CON.

Earlier today, on Kickstarter, it was officially announced that the Tales from the Cryptic Closet #2 campaign will launch in June 2020. I will be teaming up with writers Adam Farster (Humalien, Skeleton Boy and the Moon Balloon) and Jon Parrish (ClusterF**K) for two spine chilling tales for this massive collection of stories from 15 various creatives.

More to come and I’ll keep you all updated. Always thank you for all your support and love. See you guys at the cons.



C2E2 2020

Hi again,

Just a quick update….I will be at the Guerrilla Publishing booth in Small Press area at this year’s C2E2! I will have copies of my books (of course), prints and will be doing commissions during the con. If you would like to get on the commission list early please email me at


1st One of 2020

Hi all,

Man was 2019 a quick one but a great one. We are 8 days in 2020 and I have some updates for you all. First off you can purchase designs I created for Eddie Guerrero, Crazzy Steve, Hurricane Helms, Sami Callihan , Big C Chris Castro, Marvelous Matt Knicks, and Jimmy Jacobs over at You can see these designs below this post.

On Christmas Day, The Cryptic Closet and Guerrilla Publishing announced the sequel to Tales of the Cryptic Closet. This massive comic will feature 13 various creators with some new and returning talents. Will Deathbag return for a exclusive story only to be printed in this comic? Or, will I try my chops at a suspense tale for this? Either way I will be among the frightful 13 to bring you come spine chilling tales.

Also, I just signed a deal with Lexographic to team with author Paul Barile, to do a Lucha themed kids chapter book. Also, I am currently lettering Ben Miller’s “Gunwork” for Guerrilla Publishing.

Also, here are my cons so far for 2020:

NWI Comic Con Feb 15

C2E2 Libraries and Fan Fest Panel Feb 28

Indiana Comic Con Aprill 10-12

Monroe PopFest Sept 19


So Much News!!!!

Hi All!!!!

Sorry for the lack of postings. Things have been very busy and very fun all at the same time. About two weeks ago I was honored to be part of a very special event, The Horror House pop up shop. Thank you to all those who came out and to all those who helped and to all those that were vendors. For those who missed out on this event, stay tuned to see when it’s happening again.

Along with that we also released a Tales from the Cryptic Closet, a horror anthology created by Vinny Malave and Moses Gibson of the Cryptic Closet and features talents such as Bill Halliar, Ben Miller, Adam Farster, Lisa Jones, Jorge Garza, Anthony Cleveland, Ashley Esper, and myself. This was the first stop of the signing tour. The next stop will be at Creative Comics 2 in Monticello,IN on Wednesday October 30th 12-5pm. The third stop will be at Scarlet Lane Brewing in McCordsville,IN on December 14th.

Along Tales from the Cryptic Closet being released. I am featured in the 2019 Marvel Premiere series from Upper Deck the set was released at the end of September and is available now a various comic shops. Another release of me is the Eddie Guerrero Spider-Man 300 inspired design at Pro Wrestling Tees. You can see this design below and is available now at



9-21-19 and New Show Announcement

This Saturday 9-21-19 I will be at the Guerrilla Publishing booth at Galaxy Expo in Joliet, IL. The event opens to the public at 9am. Make sure to come out and support all the talent and check out some one of kind stuff.


Saturday November 9th I will be at the HPL FANFEST in Hammond,IN. That’s right I will be returning home for a local convention in November. Come on out support local artist and the Hammond Public library.

Fan Expo Canada 2019/Indiana Comic Con

This weekend I’ll be at the Guerrilla Publishing booth at Fan Expo Canada. For all you in the great white north come on by and say hi.

Next weekend, unfortunately, I won’t be at Indiana Comic Con. However, you can still stop by the Guerrilla Publishing booth and get my prints and comics. Also, when your there make sure to support  Ben Miller and Ashley Esper in the booth.

Updated 7-30-19

Hi all,

sorry it’s been so long. Things have been picking up and just wanted to drop an updated for you all.

1st I am part of a new kickstarter projected titled TALES FROM THE CRYPTIC CLOSET, there are only a few days left and we about 70% percent funded. This horror comics, fashioned after EC Comics, Tales of the Crypt, and others features some heavy hitters such as Bill Halliar, Adam Farster, Anthony Cleveland, Vinny Malave, Lisa Jones, Joshua Hull, Jorge Garza, and TNA Impact / Lucha Underground star Killer Kross. You can back the project here:

2nd I will be making my return to Marvel Premier Sketch Cards by upper deck. These cards are set for a release date of August 28,2019. Make sure to pick these up at your local comic book store or hobby store. There will be a few single, triple panels, four panels, and 5×7 cards in the set from me.

3rd this Wednesday I will be at Creative Comics in Griffith, IN to promote the TALES FROM THE CRYPTIC CLOSET kickstarter and doing $10 black and sketches for charity from 10-6.

4th This weekend August 2-4th I will be at Flashback Weekend in Rosemount, IL with an exclusive Freddy VS Ash print. The print is a limited run of 5 and will be hand numbered and signed. To see the print head on over to my instagram page artedeguerra.

5th August 22-25 I will be at FanExpo Toronto Canada at the Guerrilla Publishing booth. This is the very first time I will be in Canada, and really looking forward.

6th Gallery of Voices (an art gallery show of the original sketches from BOOK OF VOICES) will be Saturday October 5th at Sub Station No. 9 (Southshore Arts) in Hammond, IN.

Thanks. -Julio

6-30-19 Update

As seen in the previous post I will be on the creative team for the upcoming Tales of the Cryptic Closet. Guerrilla Publishing will be launching a kickstarter for this project on Friday July 12, 2019. This horror anthology will feature:

Anthony Cleveland (Alterna, Madcave)
Ashley Esper (Skulls & Sketches, The Lab)
J Adam Farster (Floor 13 Studios, Guerrilla Publishing, A&O Comics, The Lab)
Jorge Garza (Qezta Art)
Julio Guerra (Marvel, Aftershock , Pro Wrestling Tees,Guerrilla Publishing, The Lab)
Bill Halliar (Professional Storyboard artist, Devil’s Due, Archaia, Moonstone, Northstar, Sterling, SLG, The Lab)
Joshua Hull
Lisa Jones (Red Guerrilla Entertainment, The Lab)
Vinny Malave(The Cryptic Closet, Pro Wrestling Tees)
Ben Miller (Guerrilla, A&O Comics, The Lab, Enjoy Comics) featuring a forward from Lucha Underground /TNA Impact Wrestler Killer Kross

I will be returning to Upper Deck for the Marvel Premiere 2019 set. My sketch cards will be randomly inserted packs of the cards. Some of you might remember I was part of the 2017 set.