First thank you to everyone who attended the 2015 NWI Comic-Con. Huge thank you to Brian and Kelly Grabinski for hosting such a great event. Well, ladies and gentlemen earlier this morning via social media I gave a hint to featuring J Adam Farster’s Kickstarter titled Humalien. Here it goes, in this issue of Humalien there will be a pin up section featuring artwork from various artists….I will be one of the artists contributing to this. Other artists are to be announced.  Please go and support this local talent and amazing comic by clicking here.

Humalien is a futuristic tale about the only (sorta) human on the planet. He has been cloned from the DNA of a human and an alien race. This combination has provided the Trinity a living weapon-the first of many! Freed by a team of rebels, our hero, Ed, is is now devoted to reclaiming the planet from the Trinity with laser guns and spontaneous combustion!

Humalien is a super-awesome throwback to the cartoons of the ’80s with a crazy ensemble of characters. It’s the type of comic I would have loved to read as a kid and is a great for ALL AGES.

A 24-page full-color first issue is just the beginning. If we can get this crazy little adventure funded, the sky is the limit.

I (J Adam Farster) currently have 12 pages complete with 12 pages left to go.  I will be able to complete the book and the art for the rewards for a May 2015 release.”

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