The XIX (19) are a species of slime style monsters who represent the good and bad of the human race. There are all types of XIX. Some feed on others, while others love live and speak truth, support each other and share their views via verses. The XIX represent or should I say are an extension of myself, my experiences, and things I have witnessed. The good and the bad and how I feel about society. XIX is the first track off of the the 2014 Slipknot album which begins with the lyrics “This song is not for the living….this song is for the dead.” This is a true statement for these little monsters. They have witnessed 25 years of the fall of humanity and the hard work of the people of the past. Good or bad they all have shaped the world to the way it is today. The XIX surfaced in the NWI area in 2014, the biggest (to date) is currently located behind 18th street brewery in Gary,IN.


(via 18th street instagram account)