On May 30, 2015 I make a return to Paul Henry’s in Hammond,IN. This will be a group show titled Giant Monsters (A Catalog of Fears) hosted by S.L.A.C.

“This Spring South Lake Artist’s Co-op, as part of its continuing efforts to be a useful public service, has collected all the available information and diverse interpretations it could find on the subject of Giant Monsters and created our show. Why is this a worthwhile and beneficial thing you ask? Because it’s always good to have some visual idea of what it is that frightens you, or keeps you awake at night, or is the cause of those massive explosions and flashing lights in the sky off in the distance.
And that’s not all we’ll have for you! Live music! Recorded Music! The music of laughter! Food! Flying fiends manufactured by the Home School Art Group Kids! The much be-loved collaborative painting! And other surprises and delights for you to enjoy whilst you scrutinize the fantastic work of over 50 artists as they share their explorations from the depths of their imaginations!!!
So please do join us as we return to the cozy, friendly confines of Paul Henry’s Art Gallery under the good graces of David J. Mueller. I assure you it will be an unforgettable experience! Saturday, May 30th 2015 1pm to 9pm.” (via Facebook)


Featuring the work of:
1. Rick Therrio
2. Jen Jackson
3. Tony Lipka
4. Cara Therrio
5. Carla Winterbottom
6. Clinton Mason
7. Julie Volkman
8. Elizabeth Schuster
9. Shari Lemonnier
10. Derek Horsley
11. Julio Guerra
12. Chris Guzman
13. Kevin Smiley
14. Chris Detlaff
15. Greg Johannes
16. Amy Regutti
17. Wayne Abell
18. Nicholas Cialdella
19. Kim Clanton
20. Moshe Summers
21. Randy Buvala
22. Jamie Prancik
23. Carlene Vitale
24. Carol Estes
25. Tiffany Pajak
26. Ryan Riverside
27. Kerri Mommer
28. MaryBeth Witulski
29. Joseph Anthony Coyle
30. Mike Lewandowski
31. Joanna Dornick
32. Mister Switch
33. Angela Leimer
34. Gary L. Price
35. Sophia Rapata
36. Mary Kay Abblett
37. Leslie Lambert Mason
38. Bryan Pirosko
39. Amanda Linninger
40. Shelly Hermes
41. Sandra Leonard
42. John Colson
43. Debra Gutierrez
44. Sara Peak Convery
45. Jonathan Martinez & Jen Jackson
46. Jen Jackson & Rick Therrio
47. Jonathan Martinez
48. Chris Cosnowski
49. Jeffrey Martinez
50. Jeffrey Martinez & Sophia Rapata”