Friday May 25th, I will launch the kickstarter campaign for The Epic Misadventures of Deathbag: Holier Than Thou Edition. The book will include the following:

 All three current issues of Deathbag

 Issue four featuring The Coroner written by Anthony Cleveland (Sliver Skin) , Deathbag goes to Grapplemanina co-written by Vinny Malave (The Cryptic Closet), Deathbag goes to Brewfest, and a My Pretty Princess Monkey story co-written by J Adam Farster (Humalien)

 NerdLife story written by Ben Miller (Judges)

 The Ralphs created by Ashley Esper

 Deathbag Cover Gallery featuring the artwork of J Adam Farster

 Deathbag pin ups from artist Lisa Jones, Topher Kearby, Bill Halliar, and Chris Sajpel

 Samples of Deathbag concept art, pages, and scripts