Hi all,

it’s a wild time, huh? As of right now the cons are in limbo, but that doesn’t mean I stop creating. I am almost done with the illustrations for the upcoming Lucha Libre inspired youth chapter book for Lexographic press, working on two stories for the upcoming Tales from the Cryptic Closet #2, and writing a new Deathbag book!!! That’s right a new book of DB is in the works. Along with that teamed up with wrestling superstars Big C Chris Castro and Jeff Cobb for two new designs for Pro Wrestling Tees and I have signed the contract with Belowthecollar.com to be my official tee shop for all my non wrestling related designs. For the Panlayer and horror tees please click on them and they will direct you to the site to purchase them. Belowthecollar.com/lgda726