Hi all,

Man was 2019 a quick one but a great one. We are 8 days in 2020 and I have some updates for you all. First off you can purchase designs I created for Eddie Guerrero, Crazzy Steve, Hurricane Helms, Sami Callihan , Big C Chris Castro, Marvelous Matt Knicks, and Jimmy Jacobs over at prowrestlingtees.com You can see these designs below this post.

On Christmas Day, The Cryptic Closet and Guerrilla Publishing announced the sequel to Tales of the Cryptic Closet. This massive comic will feature 13 various creators with some new and returning talents. Will Deathbag return for a exclusive story only to be printed in this comic? Or, will I try my chops at a suspense tale for this? Either way I will be among the frightful 13 to bring you come spine chilling tales.

Also, I just signed a deal with Lexographic to team with author Paul Barile, to do a Lucha themed kids chapter book. Also, I am currently lettering Ben Miller’s “Gunwork” for Guerrilla Publishing.

Also, here are my cons so far for 2020:

NWI Comic Con Feb 15

C2E2 Libraries and Fan Fest Panel Feb 28

Indiana Comic Con Aprill 10-12

Monroe PopFest Sept 19